10th anniversay celebrations

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The Charities

To decide on which charities to support, we used Charity Navigator, a site that provides information on over five thousand charities and evaluates their financial health. Charity Navigator is a non-profit organization and does not accept any contributions from the charities they evaluate. We chose the following, four star rated organizations:

A Million Drops Founded by Change The World T-Shirts owner and Unfuck The World Day creator/producer Maike Both, L.A. based non-profit organization A Million Drops is dedicated to providing direct, individual support to the homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in Hollywood who want to make a difference in their lives and need a helping hand to do so. Their goal is to open the A Million Drops Center where they can provide these services on a daily basis. They are also in talks with other organizations in the area about turning a retired Metro bus into a mobile shower bus. In the meantime, they provide support through regularly scheduled events, such as Laundry Love Hollywood, as well as one on one support to individuals they regularly work with.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is the United States' most effective environmental action group, combining the grassroots power of 1.3 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of more than 350 lawyers, scientists and other professionals. Their goal is to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life - air, land and water - and to defend endangered natural places.

School on Wheels provides one-on-one tutoring for homeless kids who live in shelters, motels, group foster homes and on the streets in Southern California. In addition to weekly tutoring and mentoring, every student receives a backpack, school supplies, and uniforms; students get assistance enrolling in school and with locating and filing school records; and each student receives a toll-free phone number for around-the-clock School on Wheels’ support.